Automotive advertising executive buys 7 new cars in past year!

In the current state of fake news, trolls and scathing comments, it’s refreshing to see that some people can still be positive. Let’s be honest, most people who take the time to go online and actually write about a product or service, are usually blowing off steam. In fact, the comments you usually see the most are about one thing, getting revenge:

“the service was terrible, the product doesn’t work, it’s a scam or a rip off”.

Especially with how many trolls and general negative interactions there are nowadays, the outlook can be bleak. Even so, many of us still give a glance or two at reviews looking for some guidance. At least to have an idea of what we're facing, there’s a comfort in knowing beforehand that a service is good or you can trust a product you want to buy. It’s nice to see that there are still people taking the time to write glowing reviews praising a wonderful experience they had. Like these wonderful posts expressing their opinion about car dealerships in Australia…

“Had an amazing experience at Westernport Holden. Colin was fabulous to deal with. Love my new Spark with Apple iPlay, a girls got to have that! Would highly recommend to friends and family!”

April 5, 2016

“Love my new little Astra! Thanks for the great service. Big thanks to Peter for looking after me. I’d highly recommend them”

22 February 2017

“Love my new Juke! Thanks to Peter & the team, fantastic experience, I’ll be back!”

8 June 2017


All of these appear under Google Places Reviews. If they sound a bit repetitive, it’s because they were written by the same person.

It’s interesting that these are just three of the 13 outstanding reviews Clara Padalini has written for the eight different car dealerships where she has bought over nine cars in the past three years alone. All her reviews are five stars, she has bought her “first new car” twice now, and she must really know the dealerships and workers very well by now, because recently, she’s averaging a new car every 6 weeks. What a life!

If we were to break it down to numbers, Clara’s car-buying timeline goes something like this:

3 years ago: She bought a new Hyundai i30 from Ferntree Gully Hyundai.
2 years ago: She bought another new car—“my first new car” from Watson Holden & HSV.
1 year ago: She bought a 3rd new car from Northern Motor Group.
1 year ago: She bought her 4th new car, a Holden Spark from Westernport Holden.
8 months ago: She bought 5th new car, a Renault Koleos from Watson Renault.
3 months ago: She bought 6th new car, a Nissan X-Trail from Mornington Auto Group.
2 months ago: She bought 7th new car, a Jeep Cherokee from Northern Chrysler Jeep Dodge.
1 month ago: She bought 8th new car, a Holden Astra from Glen Waverley Holden.
1 month ago: - bought 9th new car, a Fiat Spider from Northern Fiat.

That amounts to:

●	9 new cars in 3 years 
●	7 new cars in the past year 
●	5 new cars in the past 8 months
●	… and 13 FIVE STAR reviews of 13 Melbourne car dealers

Nothing against Clara Padalini really, she’s simply a perfect example of what’s happening in Google Places Reviews. Unfortunately she isn’t alone. There’s also Dominique Grainger, to name a fellow colleague who has also bought several cars in different dealerships and “loves” their work.

She went to Mornington Nissan in November 2016


Couldn’t have loved it that much, because the next year she went to Northern Motor Group Nissan


And she wouldn’t buy her car from anywhere else than Mornington Holden on that very same day!


But a month later, she prefers to service her cars at Frankston Nissan instead:


So, after going over a couple of these reviews we are left wondering

“Do millennials really have the ability to buy a new car every year, every six months, or even more frequently?”

Or, and this is just an idea, maybe Google should pay a little closer attention to its reviews pages and how it’s being used. Just a thought.


Clara Padalini - Director - ADME Advertising P/L
Google Places reviews link
LinkedIn profile

Dominique Grainger - Advertising Account Manager - ADME Advertising P/L
Google Places reviews link
LinkedIn profile


Some of the data presented in this article may be different to the current reality as reported by Google and/or LinkedIn. This is normal. For example, most of this article was written 3-6 months ago. Dominique no longer works for ADME Advertising P/L. Google's algorithms and human action, by Google or the individuals highlighted, will also affect what you might find today in the above links.


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